NIDAP is a strategic think tank for education and training providers in the Netherlands. We rely on thorough research and 25 years of expertise.

The learning industry is changing rapidly, multi source and machine learning (traditional x digital learning) is largely accepted as a tool for permanent education. Not only high-level professionals, like medical specialists, lawyers and accountants, but more and more for operational personnel in health, manufacturing or logistics. The next step will be when students in an earlier stage prefer to mix formal more theoretical education with working experience. Schools and educational institutes need to stimulate and facilitate that.

We are constantly surveying and monitoring educational and labour market development, learning needs and opportunities. We combine our research data with job monitor information from employers and executives. With (big) data analysis, meta research and our own market information there is so much value to add.

Higher Education (Brand,  educational and job market & product research analytics and information for Private Universities, Universities of Applied Science, Research Universities, Business Universities, Open Universities)

Training & Development (Brand,  educational and job market & product research analytics and information) for (online) training organizations.

Strategic educational and job marktresearch for governemental and ngo’s.

Health & Education (feasibility studies, environmental analysis (or scanning), due diligence input, market research) for Educational Publishers, Universities and largest Dutch medical centers)

Ask our customers, merger and acquisition consulting firms, applied and business universities, privately held and public universities and schools. They use NIDAP educational and job marketresearch, productresearch and brand value information.

Clients: Radboud University, NCOI, University Utrecht, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, European Commission,  NRTO, Noordhoff Health, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Wolters Kluwer, Nyenrode Business University, Rotterdam Business School (Erasmus), Open Universiteit Nederland, Wageningen University, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Fontys Hogeschool, Haagse Hogeschool, TIAS Business School.